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Ms. Ohio, Sherry Reseigh CONGRATULATIONS to SHERRY RESEIGH, Ms. Ohio Senior America 2015!

Being born and raised in a small town in an area with lakes and beautiful trees, Sherry learned from an early age to appreciate and care for God’s creation. Sherry learned to love gardening from her parents. Sherry had three brothers and her father was a pastor for a small church so she had to learn not to waste anything. Gardening was more than a hobby. It helped feed the family of six on a pastor’s salary. Sherry came from a musical family and found great joy in music.

After high school, she attended Nursing School. In her travels Sherry met and then married her husband of 48 years. They have two sons and one daughter who have been happily married, and have given them seven beautiful grandchildren.

While raising her children Sherry had her first stroke at 30. It taught her that every day was a gift and she should share the gifts of voice and humor that God had given her. Through Sherry’s life she had used these gifts to serve others.

Sherry had been a working mother for over 25 years. She worked in the Personnel Industry, managed two offices and was responsible for Recruitment, Sales, and Advertising. She later had to take an early retirement to become a care giver for her brother and later for her parents and her husband’s parents.

She became the first Women Club Mater for Pack 408, Eastern Star Officer, volunteer worker with Youth scholarship programs; Meal on wheels; Military Aid Groups; Habitat for Humanity; She became a Grief Consoler at her church; Advocate – Speaker for Aids, Multiple Sclerosis and Strokes. Thirteen years ago Sherry was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that she had all her life.

She felt that after her third stroke, and finding she needed to take life as she found it, she should enjoy her passion of singing, dancing and acting AFTER ALL LIFE ON THIS EARTH IS TO BRIEF. She had enjoyed entertaining in Rehab Centers, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care and Senior Centers. At the age of 60 she joined a Theater group called 650 Players and has enjoyed doing ten musicals. She appeared in two Full Impact Intergenerational Youth Plays.

This summer she became a part of Heart of the Hills Theater Group and just finished the Broadway Musical Oklahoma. Sherry will continue with her volunteer work; entertaining; and spreading laughter where ever she goes.

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