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Vickie grew up on a dairy farm in North Carolina. The farm was later converted into a Plant nursery. Activities on the farm and nursery included harvesting hay, milking cows, riding ponies, planting a large garden and rooting azalea cuttings. Active in 4H, every year she would pick a calf that would have to be tamed and taught to lead. Then it would be taken to the fair where they would compete against other kids with their calves.

Vickie graduated in the top 5% of her High School class. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Order of the Patriot and was a Marshal. She was involved in several clubs and Student Government. She played on the Volleyball team and ran cross country track.

Vickie attended the University of North Carolina in Charlotte where she obtained a BS degree in Biology. She worked for a local veterinarian while attending college to pay for her tuition and books.

Her career of 33 years was primarily in the chemical industry and included work with Milliken Specialty Chemical, Hoechst Celanese, Blackman Uhler Chemical, and Nestle. Vickie’s positions spanned Technical, Safety, Human Resources and Quality Management.

She is the wife of a very supportive husband and the mother of three stepchildren, one son and grandmother of four sweeties. Vickie and her husband live on a 235 acre farm with their three dogs, three horses and 45 beef cows.

One of her hobbies is to travel. She has traveled across the US, been to England, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Canada, Central America, Mexico, Israel, Egypt. One of her favorite destinations is the Caribbean. She and her husband spent a month in China, teaching high school students English during two summer camps there.

Vickie also loves gardening, stained glass artistry and portrait and landscape painting.

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