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Ms. Wyoming, Barbara Snyder CONGRATULATIONS to BARBARA SNYDER, Ms Wyoming Senior America 2020!

I  arrived July 3, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan screaming my head off. I've been told I haven't stopped talking since. I have 2 sisters and a brother. When I was 5 years old my family moved from the big city of Detroit to the small farm town of Richmond. I remember a happy childhood, full of hard work and many rewards. We all pitched together as a family. I always had a driving desire to entertain and make people laugh. Of course, my best audience was the cows and chickens. They couldn't get away. My dreams were BIG. Time flew by. I became old enough to go to work, finish school, fall in love, marry Jim Snyder, birth 4 fantastic children, move to New Jersey while continuing to put my dreams on hold. What a challenge it is, raising 4 college-bound children and volunteering where needed in the community.

I love my new job as Caregiver-Activities director with Alzheimer residents. What a challenge this is and fun at the same time. My reward is seeing joy and happiness in the residents' faces.

All college over. Now my family in Arizona needs me. Dare I think about my dream again. Sun City has several dance groups. Learn to tap at at 57? YOU BET!!

Oh we need health insurance, so back to work with Alzheimer activities once more, but this time I shall include "working on my dream". The residents love my activities, my mother one of them, so let's dance, sing and have fun. I love my work.

I'm on stage now with my dance group. We are entertaining all over the area as well as to MY Alzheimer group. MY DREAM IS COMING TRUE!!

Time to retire now. Really, it can't be, we're too young. WAIT, what's this? A competition for Ms. Senior America, must be 60 years old. Well it my 81st year and 81 is the new 61. Oh me.....my life has come full circle. I am living my dream, giving joy to others with dancing, entertaining and caring for others where needed. THANK YOU MY LORD!!

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