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Utah Senior America

The Ms Utah Senior America State Pageant is administered by the dedicated team of Janet Seamons, Cameo Club President Barbara Newman, and Ms. Utah Senior America 2017, Patti Miner. Many thanks for a terrific Ms Utah 2018!


Ms. Utah, Elizabeth Purtee Congratulations to Elizabeth Purtee, Ms Utah 2015!

Representing the "Beehive" state of Utah , Elizabeth attended college at the University of Salamanca, Spain, allowing her to work on one of her five spoken languages.

Elizabeth 's work includes being Mrs. Utah 1983 and a Mrs. America top ten finalist, presenting seminars nationwide to medical professionals and being a TV and radio spokesperson. She currently co hosts a weekly radio program, “Conversations From The Capitol”. Her interests include singing, ballroom dancing, writing, traveling, fitness, health and Toastmasters, where she has become an award-winning speaker.

While Elizabeth 's accomplishments have been many and varied, her greatest joy is her family of 5 beautiful children and 8 adorable grandchildren.

What keeps Elizabeth excited about each new day is a fascination with an ever-changing world and curiosity for what lies ahead. This fuels her passion for continued education and learning and then teaching and sharing those exciting things learned and experienced.

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