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Oklahoma Senior America

The Ms. Oklahoma Pageant is administered by the Ms Senior Oklahoma Foundation under the direction of Ladell Maxwell and her team, Carol Kallenberger, Linda Parker, Wynelle Record, Dot Liles, and Dove Schmidt. Many thanks to Ms. Maxwell and the volunteers of Ms Senior Oklahoma Foundation for their hard work and commitment to the Age of Elegance!

The 2018 Ms. Senior Oklahoma Pageant was held on July 21, 2018, in Edmond, Oklahoma. For more information, visit Ms Senior Oklahoma on facebook or contact ladellok at yahoo.com and make your plans to be inspired!


Ms. Okahoma, Dove Morgan Schmidt Congratulations to DOVE MORGAN SCHMIDT, Ms Oklahoma Senior America 2016 and to the Ms Senior Oklahoma Foundation for a wonderful State Queen!

Dove Morgan Schmidt has a passion to help people walk in their dreams. Growing up in a ranching family with an alcoholic father, Dove knew first hand the importance of setting goals and keeping dreams alive to stay on the right path in life.

Today, Dove hosts over 250 children each year at her Crossroads Ranch, teaching them life skills, good work ethics, and how to make positive choices, all with horses and an old West platform. She and her husband, Mike teach young and old alike to set goals, dream big and live life to the fullest.

Dove is the author of the book, "A Bear and A Dove, A Journey of Faith" that goes into prisons world wide, as it is the story of her deceased husband, Bear, who served many years in prison. Dove teaches at leadership conferences, speaks at prisons, churches, and meetings and she loves to encourage women to be all they can be, stating that growing old is never an excuse. A mother of five children, and four grandchildren, Dove loves to train horses and spend time with her family.

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