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The Ms. Oklahoma Pageant is administered by the Ms Senior Oklahoma Foundation under the direction of Ladell Maxwell and her team, Carol Kallenberger, Linda Parker, Wynelle Record, Dot Liles, and Dove Schmidt. Many thanks to Ms. Maxwell and the volunteers of Ms Senior Oklahoma Foundation for their hard work and commitment to the Age of Elegance!

The 2018 Ms. Senior Oklahoma Pageant was held on July 21, 2018, in Edmond, Oklahoma. For more information, visit Ms Senior Oklahoma on facebook or contact ladellok at yahoo.com and make your plans to be inspired!


Ms. Okahoma, Dr. Katrina Cochran Congratulations to DR KATRINA COCHRAN, Ms Oklahoma Senior America 2015!

Psychologist Dr. Katrina Cochran has worked with individuals, families and organizations since 1972. Her professional expertise is in the area of effective communication. She has specialized training and experience with understanding and improving family dynamics and organization effectiveness. She has additional training and expertise in trauma recovery, addiction, and codependency.

Dr. Cochran has earned two Ph. D. degrees. Her Ph. D in Adult and Community Education was earned in 1982 at The University of Oklahoma. In 1986, she earned a Ph. D in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. She has been instrumental in working with the organizations impacted by the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah building, the September 11, 2001 New York Trade Center tragedy, and tornado and hurricane disaster recovery effects throughout the United States. Dr. Cochran has spent the last 12 years working with The Salvation Army in leadership development and conflict management. She has written 5 workbooks on conflict management and trauma recovery. Dr. Cochran is currently in private practice in Oklahoma City. She and her husband Norman have 2 adult daughters and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys music, scrapbooking, gardening and travel. She is currently building a new business in the world of travel and entertainment.

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