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Ms. Minnesota, Deborah Wedel CONGRATULATIONS to DEBORAH WEDEL, Ms. Minnesota Senior America 2021!

Born on a cotton farm, Deborah pulled bolls as a youth and started her education in a one-room school. She has a life-long love of learning & graduated as Valedictorian in a big class of 38. Along the way, she was Rattlesnake Queen, state 4-H Dress Revue winner and Outstanding Teenager of Oklahoma.

In college she enjoyed studies in chemistry, earning a bachelorís and 2 mastersí degrees, graduating Summa Cum Laude. During that time, she went on two mission trips to Mexico and Israel. As a young woman, she was honored to be one of the Ten Outstanding Young Women of America and one of Good Housekeeping magazineís 100 Young Women of Promise.

She met her husband of 48 years, married him and together they had two of the most incredible children, Derek and Heather. Deborah thoroughly enjoyed teaching chemistry and counseling for 36 years.

Blessed with 2 talented grandchildren, Jakob and Nicole, and their mother Cindy, Deborah says that grandchildren are Godís way of telling you that everything is going to be all right.

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