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Louisiana Senior America

Senior America extends a warm welcomes Donna Perkins, Ms Louisiana 2018, as the new State Adminsitrator of Ms Louisiana Senior America! Many thanks to Ms Perkins for her dedication to honoring the Age of Elegance!

Check back for updates to make plans to attend a state pageant or, for more information contact us.


Ms. LOUISIANA, Sandi Farmer-Smallwood CONGRATULATIONS to SANDI FARMER-SMALLWOOD, Ms. Louisiana 2019!

Sandi Farmer-Smallwood was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the middle child of 7 children and learned early to speak her mind and be heard above others. Sandi loves to sing and act and feels her desire to be “center stage” comes from her parents. Her mother was a model and a “torch” singer in New Orleans and her dad was a beautician and a trumpet player, so the love of performing just came naturally to Sandi.

Over the years, Sandi has worn many hats as daughter, sister, friend, Christian, wife, mother, and volunteer. Sandi began her journey helping others at the early age of 6 when in the 1st grade a fellow classmate came to school without a lunch. Sandi took him directly to the principal’s office to make sure he had a lunch ticket to eat that day. Of course Sandi got in trouble because she went straight to the top and cut out the middle man, her 1st grade teacher!

And so began her journey of helping others. From a Girl Scout Leader to helping physically challenged athletes in the Special Olympic Games, giving her time and talents to others when and where there was a need is just what Sandi continues to do. “It’s very humbling to see smiling faces of total strangers when you are there for them” says Sandi.

Recently, she volunteered with Tim Tebow’s “A Night to Shine”, an organization that dedicates a Prom Night experience for mentally challenged adults. Participants get a walk on the red carpet, a limo ride, crowns, pictures, and the works! “The experience was so rewarding, to see them all so excited was priceless”, Sandi said.

At 60, Sandi decided to support and inspire women to be more proactive about their health by opening a Curves Center for women. Sandi felt she could offer women ways to take control of their health and if they weren’t satisfied, do something about it. “I would schedule health fairs and encourage ladies to follow up with a doctor if there was a negative report. What a humbling experience when their health issues were straightened out; I was proud to be a part of their positive results” said Sandi. Throughout the years, Sandi continues to volunteer in her community whether it’s singing and dancing at a senior nursing home or working at the SPCA shelter, Sandi is ready and able to help when someone calls. Sandi lives with her husband, Fred, 3 Yorkies and a gerbil named Winter.

Together Sandi and Fred have 5 children and 9 grandchildren that she loves and spoils when she can. Sandi says, “I’m 60 going on 70 and sure, I have aches and pains, but I trust in God and love life, I stay upbeat and positive so I can keep doing what matters to me, making others happy and helping out where there is a need.”

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