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The Ms. Colorado Pageant is administered by the Colorado Cameo Club under the direction of Rene Green and her dedicated team: Yvonne Guzman Rodriguez, Asst. State Pageant Admin; Carol Swanson, Production Manager; Judy Rowe and Camella Landrum, Asst. Product Manager; Jan Harley, Open Number Director; Yvonne Guzman Rodriguez and Shari Ortiz, Judging Committee; Kathy Saidy, Awards/ Trophies; Shari Ortiz, Program Books; Pat McHenry, Reception/stage design; and the terrific Cameo volunteers.

Many thanks to Ms Green, the Colorado Cameo Club, and former administrators Shari Ortiz and Debbie Buczkowski for phenomenal State Queens and wonderful pageants! The 2018 Ms Colorado Senior America State Pageant was held on May 26, 2018. For more information, see www.colsramerica.com. Plan to be inspired!



Ms. Senior Colorado, Sylvia Boyd CONGRATULATIONS to SYLVIA BOYD, Ms Colorado Senior America 2016!

I  enjoy entertaining seniors and performing with our senior variety group. Volunteering for Alzheimers organizations, I have become sensitized and frighteninly aware of the devastation to those who have lost precious memories! Memories that contain so much of who we are. We must find a cure for this savage disease! Dad's WWII service resulting in two purple hearts at the Battle of the Bulge instilled a pride in being a patriot to our country, and love and honor to our Creator. I have learned to not admit an end to endurance. "Never give up" was our family's motto. Just like the frog whose head was already down the crane's throat, with his two little arms wrapped around the crane's throat so that he wouldn't be swalloed, we leanerd to "Never Give Up!" I have a beautiful loving, understanding and intelligent daughter, a son-n-law (all 6'6" of him) who loves my daughter with all his hear, and two precious grandboys (12 & 5) who provide me super terrific and never-ending reasons for my heart to smile! WoW! Life is good!

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