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The Ms. Colorado Pageant is administered by the Colorado Cameo Club under the direction of Rene Green and her dedicated team: Yvonne Guzman Rodriguez, Asst. State Pageant Admin; Carol Swanson, Production Manager; Judy Rowe and Camella Landrum, Asst. Product Manager; Jan Harley, Open Number Director; Yvonne Guzman Rodriguez and Shari Ortiz, Judging Committee; Kathy Saidy, Awards/ Trophies; Shari Ortiz, Program Books; Pat McHenry, Reception/stage design; and the terrific Cameo volunteers.

Many thanks to Ms Green, the Colorado Cameo Club, and former administrators Shari Ortiz and Debbie Buczkowski for phenomenal State Queens and wonderful pageants! The 2018 Ms Colorado Senior America State Pageant was held on May 26, 2018. For more information, see www.colsramerica.com. Plan to be inspired!



Ms. Senior Colorado, Buddi Boryla CONGRATULATIONS to BUDDI BORYLA, Ms Colorado Senior America 2015!

Originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts, I developed my southern drawl at the age of five when my family moved to Brinkley, Arkansas where I lived until I was 21. A Coloradan for many years now, I see that life's experiences have shown me that some pursue happiness and others create it. Growing up with and tending to two quadriplegic siblings when no governmental assistance was available, I felt dedicated to the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. My first experience in pageantry was at the age of 13, which fed my desire to be on stage. Later with college behind me, I pursued my passion for song and dance. Some of my fondest memories include the experiences of having performed on a Russian cruise ship for one year and later performing for the Country Dinner Play House. A loving family and owning my own business didn't diminish my desire and motivation to perform, as my ultimate intention was to share that passion and make people laugh and smile. Now at the age of 60, I see that when you have a talent and a heart for bringing joy to others, age should never be a barrier. I tell people, “I love being 60! I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be!” However, I have to admit, I didn’t foresee that I would be flying to Atlantic City to compete for the national Ms. Senior America title – what an added treat! I have lost so many loved ones over the years - my husband, father, a brother and sister to Friedreich’s Ataxia, my oldest brother, and many dear friends who never had the opportunity to reach 60! I am stronger and wiser because of it! I’m blessed and empowered with a loving husband of six years, my mother who I claim as my best friend, and my amazing and beautiful daughter. I honestly admire that my daughter Holly has made the right choices despite life’s setbacks and now at the age of 30 has carved out a life to be proud of at a much younger age than I could have imagined. Family, church and being a part of the Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant’s showcases and community involvement has helped me to continue in my pursuit of a healthy balanced life. With a strong faith I believe life is a wonderful gift and nothing makes it more satisfying than learning to laugh at yourself and share that with those around you. As I tell others, "A mistake is an opportunity to grow and focus on doing the best you can with what you've learned along the way." Looking back, I believe most everything I love about myself was learned from some of those past mistakes. As stated in my philosophy, “I am excited about the future and the amazing journeys and relationships it holds for me. I know God has a lot in store for me and I can hardly wait to start!”

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