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The Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant is administered by the Colorado Cameo Club under the direction of Rene Green and her dedicated team: Carol Swanson, Production Manager; Judy Rowe, Asst. Product Manager; Yvonne Guzman Rodriguez, Judges' Committee Chair; and Shari Ortiz,Program Book and Ads; and the terrific Cameo volunteers.

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Ms. Senior Colorado, Dr. Marilyn Chipman CONGRATULATIONS to DR. MARILYN CHIPMAN, Ms Colorado Senior America 2021!

Born in rural Texas less than three weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, I was premature and not expected to live through the night. Yet I survived. Growing up always hearing the story of my beginnings caused me to believe I had a purpose and a destiny to fulfill.

Our family moved to Denver where my mother instilled a standard of excellence in her five children and we all went to college. With a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology, I became a social worker. I married a wonderful pastor and when our children entered school I began volunteering occasionally in their classrooms. Totally mesmerized by the way young children learn, I returned to college to earn the M.A. in Early Childhood Education. After teaching in the public school systems of California and Colorado for 14 years, I earned the Ph.D. in Education: Curriculum and Instruction and happily became a university professor.

In addition to teaching my courses, my 31 years in the electrifying world of academe led to involvement in nationwide task forces, speaking in national and international conferences, textbook and journal publications, federal grant administration, becoming a recognized educational sociologist, and many other fascinating and unexpected accomplishments in my chosen career field. Among my numerous awards is the “Distinguished Educator of the Year”. With a spirit of adventure, I traveled to 36 states and 11 foreign countries.

My life's journey also held heartache. Without warning I became a widow at age 54 and my world stopped. For a very long time I was submerged in debilitating grief that rendered me almost incapable of functioning at all. Through the constant support of my family, friends, and church members, eventually I came out of the darkness of this tragic season of my life and returned to my work. I endured the sorrow of losing our oldest grandson to cancer at the tender age of 21. Even through dark valleys, faith and hope have sustained me.

My demonstrated passion and purpose always has been to use my influence to help my students achieve their academic and career goals. To this end, through the years I have seen dozens upon dozens of them receive scholarships, admittance to graduate school, promotions in employment, and recognition in their field. My motto: To be a teacher is a high calling indeed.

Although officially retired after 45 years as an educator, my life is enriched and fulfilled as I continue to teach, write, speak in conferences, mentor, and serve in church and community endeavors. My two sons are professional musicians and my daughter is a Christian playwright, and it gives me great delight to watch them perform their ministry talents. My grandchildren are joy to me. To be crowned the 2021 Ms. Colorado Senior America queen brings a new wave of excitement!! As a gracious, mature woman in the "Age of Elegance", I recognize that my blessings of love, life, health, and strength all come from my Heavenly Father, and I am eternally grateful.

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