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Debbie Carroll Boyce, Ms. Senior America 2011

Ms. Senior America 2011, Debbie Carroll Boyce I am honored to have been your MS.SENIOR AMERICA 2011! This year has been an incredible journey and an experience of a life-time for me! I will always remember how exciting it was last year to represent my home state of TEXAS and the thrill of traveling to Atlantic City in October of 2011 to compete for the title of Ms. SENIOR AMERICA. It has been such a wonderful experience being a part of this amazing organization made up of fabulous people. Holding two titles has resulted in many wonderful opportunities that have given me lasting memories of this spectacular year!

I am honored to be a role model woman of all ages as MS. SENIOR AMERICA. As a former educator and Principal of a nationally recognized United States Blue Ribbon School, I have been able to use my former experiences to work with seniors as well as young people to promote thinking and wellness all across America.

I have also had the opportunity to meet many elected officials including senators, congressmen, governors and mayors. Some of my favorite events include entertaining seniors and young people at retirement centers, public schools, business events, parades and civic events as well as making television and public appearances. Participating in the Cameo Club in Texas has been another highlight of my reign. This group of women shares their talents by performing at various events and venues. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful organization and traveling and entertaining with these ladies and performing for many thankful guests. I appreciate their friendship and support.

I especially want to thank all of the Senior America State Directors that invited me to participate in their state pageants! We had a wonderful time together. I was so impressed by the hard work that the state directors and the contestants around the country dedicate to promoting and supporting the state and the national Senior America Pageant!!! Wow!!! So much hard work goes on behind the scenes year after year to make these pageants so special for everyone. The state directors are to be commended for reaching out to senior woman to promote healthy aging and the "Age of Elegance."

During my reign I was invited to attend 14 Senior America State Pageants, and was given the opportunity to speak and perform. Thanks so much to the following states for their invitations: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington, DC. Attending the pageants and getting to know the wonderful women from around the country has been a highlight of my year.

As Ms. Senior America 2011, my reign may end this week, but I will continue to strive each day to be the best I can be, to inspire, and encourage others. We senior woman can change the image of aging! We are redefining the senior woman by promoting healthy aging.

I want to thank the following people for their love, support, and prayers, and for their passion to create this wonderful organization for women around the country. Thank you Dr. Al Mott, President Senior America, Louise Ferla, Vice President Senior America, Pinky O'Neal, Public Relations and Marketing for Senior America and Nicole Hannernman, Administrative Director for Senior America. Also special thank you's to Mary Frances Hansen my Texas State Director, Tom Lewis, my Marketing and Public Relations guru, My Mother, Reba Carroll and daughter, Brittany Carroll Boyce.

May God Bless You All!
Debbie Carroll-Boyce, BA.,M.Ed.,Realtor
Ms. Senior America 2011
Ms. Texas Senior America 2011

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