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The Ms. Missouri Pageant is administered by the Missouri Pageant Alumnae Club under the direction of Helene Siegfried, Susan Pellegrino, Marcene Tockman, and Nancy Pittman. Many thanks for their hard work and and dedication!

The 2018 Missouri Senior America State Pageant will be held on July 8, 2018 from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Florissant Civic Center, Florissant (St. Louis), Missouri. For more information, see the Ms. Missouri Senior America website or contact msmosenior@gmail.com  and plan to be inspired!


Ms. Missouri, Judy Davis Congratulations to Judy Davis, Ms Missouri Senior America 2017, and to the Missouri Pageant Alumnae Club for a wonderful State Queen!

Judy was born, raised, and educated in the St. Louis area. She was in the Aviation Industry for over 35 years, starting her career as an "Airline Hostess" with Braniff and ending as a Flight Attendant/Dispatcher for Macy's flight department. Through the years her passenger list included everyone from Lassie, the Kansas City Chief and Dallas Cowboys, to Donald Trump! Above all, her favorite passengers remain the GI's returning from Vietnam. Watching them leave the aircraft to waiting family never got old. Her travels as a Corporate Flight Attendant took her to many diverse and exciting destinations including the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

From her Mom she learned to enjoy life to the fullest. From her Dad she learned to love nature and the importance of conservation.

Judy and her husband, Rick, live and work on their 75 acres, high above the Meramec River, an hour from St. Louis. With guidance from MO Department of Conservation, they are working on restoring the native grasses, wild flowers, and woodlands to their property. To help in this task, Judy has completed courses for MO Master Naturalist, MO Master Wildlifer, and Woodland Stewardship. She also raises chickens and peacocks. With names like Katherine Hepburn and Etta James it's a guarantee they will never be Sunday dinner.

Her love of nature and animals, which includes her two rescued dogs and one cat, also guides much of her volunteer work. She currently volunteers at the local Humane Society, helping dogs find "forever homes" and at Equine Assisted Therapy (the horse is the therapist) helping kids with special needs. She also volunteers with MO Botanical Garden assisting with seed collecting of native plants in the wild for the international seed bank.

Judy took up tap dancing eight years ago and loves performing at retirement communities, nursing homes, and veteran facilities. It was her wonderful tap instructor, Norma Cobert (Ms. Missouri Sr 2003) who convinced Judy to compete in the pageant. Judy's win would not have been possible without Norma's talented guidance, support, and endless patience.

Judy and Rick enjoy spending outdoor time with Rick's son and daughter and three terrific grand kids. Judy also enjoys kayaking, hiking with her 2 dogs, scuba diving, and cruising in their 1957 T-bird.

At 71, and as the first year of the "baby boomers", Judy says her generation is helping write "The Rule Book For Seniors".

  • Rule 1: Age is never allowed to be as excuse to prevent you from taking on new adventures.
  • Rule 2: Follow your passions --- it is never too late to make a difference.
  • Rule 3: THERE ARE NO OTHER RULES! There are just blank pages to fill with new and wonderful memories.

P.S. To all the amazing woman of MPAC, For all your support and encouragement, I thank you!! Love, Judy

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