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Wyoming Senior America

We are currently searching for a new State Administrator for Wyoming..

If you or your club would like to hold a Senior America Pageant to crown a queen for Wyoming, contact us  for more information today!


Ms. Wyoming, Dr. Sharon Maloney CONGRATULATIONS to DR. SHARON MALONEY, Ms Wyoming Senior America 2016!

Dr. Sharon is enjoying the fun side of life. She finished her first bucket list and is making a big splash into her second. The first bucket list included being on the big screen and seeing her name in the credits. She was in a documentary that won best film in the Santa Barbara Film festival where she shared the red carpet with Oscar Award winning actor, Christopher Plummer. Red Carpet appearances followed in Nantucket, Fort Lauderdale and Boston. In Nantucket, the cast of the documentary met with Diane Keaton.

Sharon was featured in The Alumni Magazine of the University of Phoenix as a successful graduate. She has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, a Masters of Science in Business Administration and a Doctor of Educational Leadership. She received her doctorate at 71 and at 76, her Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Dr. Sharon is enjoying sponsoring a new Toastmasters Club at the Chrysler Tech Center. Helping people blossom is, for her, one of the biggest rewards on earth.

Sharon volunteers weekly at three senior centers and at Head Start. Her dance troupe, the Romeo High Steppers, has been performing her choreography for the past eleven years. Women have come to her dance class after suffering hardships such as being widowed or following a stroke. The classes help them resocialize. Before they know, Sharon has them starring in shows, soloing to a boogie, doing Elvis in full costume, or doing stand up comedy. Helping people not just blossom but fly.

Dr. Sharon is a retired Medical Technologist, certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Her first job was under Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Death. He was head pathologist of the lab. Transferring to the prestigious Henry Ford Hospital, she became administrator for Emergency Preparedness for the North East Region of Henry Ford. There she was responsible for the seven medical buildings passing the Joint Commission Accreditation of Hospitals inspection.

Dr. Sharon says, My life is my family, Harold my husband of 57 years, 4 uber successful children and 8 wonderful, promising grandchildren. They are the real frosting on the cake. All the other accomplishments pale in comparison. In fact, there would have been no other accomplishments without the love and support, and encouragement of my family.

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