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Ms. Rhode Island, Linda Machado Linda was born and raised in New York and is of Portuguese and Irish heritage. She recently was surprised with a family secret hidden through the centuries that she is a descendant of the Sephardic Jews that fled Portugal to the Azores to escape the Inquisition. Most of her enjoyable childhood experiences were the times she spent in her mother's home state of Rhode Island in the Portuguese communities of Newport and Providence where she developed a deep connection to the Ocean State.

Linda is a professional Flamenco dancer and instructor. For over 20 years, she has been performing and teaching this traditional art, considered by many the world's 2nd most difficult dance form. She and her guitarist/husband have performed over 200 shows each year and co- founded Flamenco!...the Studio where they teach authentic Flamenco dance and guitar to students of all ages. She especially enjoys introducing the passion of Flamenco dance to women over 50. Linda has performed in theaters and concert halls and has been featured on numerous television stations.

Linda is a published author on the topic of multicultural awareness and is a regular contributor to on-line magazines on the art of Flamenco. She has just released her first instructional DVD on Flamenco Dance Foundation.

As a survivor of abuse, Linda is a staunch advocate of women’s self-empowerment and has become an inspirational speaker and writer in that field. Linda believes "Challenge is inevitable, but defeat is optional."

For relaxation Linda enjoys gourmet cooking, reading and writing.

Linda is honored to be representing Rhode Island, the state that her heart truly calls home.

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