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The Ms. New York Pageant is organized by State Administrator Marleen Schuss and Coordinator Bob Geltman.  Many thanks to Ms. Schuss and Mr. Geltman, and their dedicated team, for wonderful state pageants and phenomenal State Queens!

Special thanks to Asst. Director Elisabeth Zamarelli; Pageant Director Pat Tropea; Backstage Director Marie Mango; Music & Vocals, Edna Kaufmann; Dinner Dance, Enid Merin; Queen's Mentor, Jane Rubinstein; Cameo Club Pres ident, Mary Ann Smith.


Ms. New York, Nancy Witter CONGRATULATIONS to NANCY WITTER, MS. NEW YORK Senior America 2019! And Special Thanks to Marleen Schuss, New York State Administrator, and State Coordinator Bob Geltman, and to the New York Cameo Club for another successful pageant and year.

Growing up in a very large Irish Cathoholic family gave Nancy Witter all the comedic material she would need to sustain her through her prolific comedy career. Nancy started performing stand up comedy at New York City's famed Don't Tell Mama in 1996 where she became a regular at award-winning show “The Poole Party” for over 10 years. She went on to win 4 New York City MAC Awards for outstanding comedienne. She was also a finalist in “Nick at Nites Search for the Funniest Mom in America”. Nancy teamed up with two other finalists and toured in the hit comedy trio “Mama’s Night Out” performing in sold out theaters across the country.

Nancy went on to attend NYU and received her professional certification in life coaching. Her specialty is coaching women over 50. Nancy drew on both her comedic skills and life coaching experience to write “Who’s Better than Me? A Guide to Living Happily Ever After” Her passion continues to be to entertain, encourage and enlighten all women, but especially the women who have reached the age of elegance (60+). Toward that end she is working on a new book titled “It’s Not Gray… It’s Platinum! And Other Ways of Embracing Another Candle on the Cake.” Nancy continues to do her stand-up and is a coveted humous motivational speaker performing across the country.

On July 14th, 2019 Nancy was crowned Ms. New York Senior America Pageant at the 34th Annual Pageant. Nancy was also honored by the other contestants with Ms. Congeniality as well. She is the ambassador for seniors in New York State. Fittingly her website is: www.hotflashlaughs.com. You can also find Nancy on instagram at @hotflashlaughs, on Twitter @WittsTwitts and on Facebook at Hot Flash Laughs.

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