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The Ms. New York Pageant is organized by State Administrator Marleen Schuss and Coordinator Bob Geltman.  Many thanks to Ms. Schuss and Mr. Geltman, and their dedicated team, for wonderful state pageants and phenomenal State Queens!

Special thanks to Asst. Director Elisabeth Zamarelli; Pageant Director Pat Tropea; Backstage Director Marie Mango; Music & Vocals, Edna Kaufmann; Dinner Dance, Enid Merin; Queen's Mentor, Jane Rubinstein; Cameo Club Pres ident, Mary Ann Smith.


Ms. New York, Laura Lorenzo CONGRATULATIONS to LAURA LORENZO, MS. NEW YORK Senior America 2021! And Special Thanks to Marleen Schuss, New York State Administrator, and State Coordinator Bob Geltman, and to the New York Cameo Club for another successful pageant and year.

I  was born in Queens, New York in 1957. I was abandoned at four months old and lived in various foster homes until the age of 5, when I was adopted. After searching from age 17 to 42 I was able to connect with my biological family and although we were adults at the time, I was able to at least find out my heritage and that I had four half brothers and sisters. I met all of them and finally saw a sister that looked like me. My adopted family and I eventually moved to Long Island and I have lived here for over thirty years now. I have raised my daughter as a single mother accomplishing many dreams later in life such as adopting my daughter at 40, obtaining my college degree at 55, and buying my first home on my own at 60. In 2019 and 2020, my first and second pageant, I was named the first runner up two years in a row of Ms New York Senior America. In the midst of all of this, my passion for singing has never waned. I became a 1st Soprano for the Long Island Philharmonic for whom I sang with for over five years performing at such noticeable places as, The Tilles Center, The Stahler Center, Radio City Music Hall of New York, and the very famous, Carnegie Hall. I also volunteer at local assisted living facilities, hospitals, and have sung the National Anthem many times for the Long Island Ducks. I have spent many years caring for the mentally and physically disabled, including all of last year through COVID-19, until I myself became ill, at which time my daughter (who is now an adult) became my caretaker for six weeks. I would have to say that in my life that she is my greatest accomplishment. Even after attaining so much, I feel I have much more to achieve and I look forward to accomplishing many more goals. For now I can check off being a contestant in the Ms Senior America pageant!.

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