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Arizona Senior America

The Ms. Arizona Pageant is administered by the Arizona Cameo Foundation under the direction of Herme Sherry. Visit their website Arizona Senior America Pageant for information and directions.

Many thanks to Ms Sherry and the members of the Cameo Foundation for years of wonderful pageants and phenomenal state queens!


Ms. Senior Arizona, Leta Sproule CONGRATULATIONS to LETA SPROULE, Ms Arizona Senior America 2017!

Three things have been forever an integral part of my life; my faith, my family, and my music. I cannot remember a time that all were not fully present.

I  was blessed to have parents that made sure I was grounded in Godís Word. They gave me every opportunity to trust my curiosity to explore, and grow with confidence throughout lifeís experiences and opportunities.

As a native of Nashville, TN, instead of country music, I gravitated toward the symphony and ballet. Today I firmly believe that without patrons of the arts Ė there is no art.

Following that core belief, I received a Bachelorís Degree in Music Education from Peabody College. I remain active in church music today, drawing from my experiences of playing the organ and piano, and directing hand-bell and childrenís choirs.

I  married while in college; a son and daughter soon followed. They are both settled happily in Nashville today, along with my perfect granddaughter!

My continued hunger to always learn more led me back to school, where I earned a Masterís Degree in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University. I joined Toastmasters, served in Christian Womenís Club, the Nashville Symphony Guild, and other organizations. I worked as a Financial Planner assisting employees of not-for-profit organizations, and still today enjoy staying current with the macroeconomic trends of our economy.

In 1995 I met and married the love of my life, John Sproule. He has one son, three granddaughters, and two great grandchildren in California. We have traveled the world, and together we continue to satisfy that curiosity to always learn more. We enjoy meeting new people and seeking new adventures. We are both physically active and fit, and appreciate that nutrition is key to good health - which we both enjoy.

John grew up in Arizona so it was only natural that we retire there. I belong to an active church where I am honored to be able to serve others in many different ways. I was the Teaching Director for the international organization, Community Bible Study. I lectured weekly on the current passage of study. There I learned that one must lead with a servant heart by first serving others.

I  am a board member of the Parkinsonís Network of Arizona. We work to raise awareness and funds, to meet the needs of Parkinsonís victims.

With the honor of being crowned Ms. Senior Arizona 2017, came the privilege of volunteering my time, effort, and talent with the Cameo Foundation, which produces the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant, and AZ Inspirations which is dedicated to financially assisting victims of domestic violence. It is an honor to serve with women of the Arizona Cameo Club who truly exemplify the age of elegance. Together we bring smiles and encouragement to our community, as well as to each other.

It is a rare and special gift to be given the opportunities I have received. I look forward to using that gift to encourage and inspire others to never stop growing.

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